Sunday, February 27, 2011

Massive Field of Yellow Tulips - Background Blurred Intentional

This stunning spring time landscape show a massive field of yellow tulips in full bloom in a rural setting with mountains in the background.  Shot in Skagit Valley Washington during the annual tulip festival.  Background is intentionally blurred for artistic effect.

Red Explosion Shape with Metallic Texture

This photo is a red explosion shape with metallic shiny texture on a white background.  Photo has plenty of room for text and top of shape is intentionally blurred for artistic effect.

Teasel Plant Seed Heads Closeup

Teasel Plant Seed Heads
This photo has three teasel plant seed heads in a macro shot with a row of tiny lavender colored flowers across one for a rich, textured nature shot.  These are commonly used in dried floral arrangements.  Background is intentionally blurred for artistic effect.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter Mountain At Dawn

This landscape shows a beautiful winter mountain scenic at dawn with part of a road showing this beautiful winter sunrise. Taken off Baker Hwy. past Lake Grandy, Washington.

Word Sale in Series

The word sale is part of this series on black and white round lettering beads on a black and red leather textured surface.  Great for backgrounds, buttons, symbols and more.

Little Boy Wading in Cowboy Boots in Stream

This little boy is wading in cowboy boots across a country stream with a pile of rocks going across.  Classic childhood moment of innocence.  Model release available if needed.

Pale Pink Hollyhock Flowers Backlit

Pink Hollyhock Flowers
This macro floral photo is pale pink hollyhock flowers backlit for a very light, sheer textured look.

Closeup of Toddler Girl Sleeping on Person

This shot shows a closeup of a cute blond toddler girl sleeping with her thumb in her mouth on a person's chest.  Model release available if needed.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mom and Daughters Sliding on Slide

This young mother and two daughters are enjoying family time play together as they are sliding down a slide at a playground.  

Young Artist in Watercolor Paints

This young artist little Caucasian boy is painting a picture at a table with watercolors and is immersed in his project.  He is whistling as he works. Background is intentionally blurred for artist effect.  Model release available if needed.

Word E-Commerce Series

The word E-Commerce is part of this series on black and white round lettering beads on a black and red leather textured surface.  Great for backgrounds, buttons, symbols and more.

Romantic Couple Ballroom Dance

This ballroom dance style is a surprising twist found to help relieve stress and bring security and beauty in uncertain times. 

Carefee Pink Summer Cosmos Flowers

Pink Cosmos Flowers
This photo shows delicate pink cosmos flowers blooming in the summer.  Background in intentionally blurred for artistic effect.

Beautiful Blue Eyed Blond Toddler Girl

This beautiful blond haired blue eyed toddler girl is in a closeup shot smiling and happy.  Background with dog is intentionally blurred to emphasis subject's face.  Model release available if needed.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Closeup of 5 Year Old Boy's Face Side View

This photo is a closeup of a side view of a cute 5 year old Caucasian boy's face, wearing a blue shirt with collar. Model release available if needed.

Retro Factory Working Girls - Radium Girls Theater

This shot is a live theater featuring teen girls working in a factory setting in the 20's and 30's of a play called Radium Girls.  They are painting with dangerous biohazardous radium laced paint.  Lighting is dramatic for the theater.

Word Continue in Series

The word continue is part of this series on black and white round lettering beads on a black and red leather textured surface.  Great for backgrounds, buttons, symbols and more for graphic artists and others.

Pit Bull Dog Cowering Isolated on White

This photo shows a large red pit bull dog in a cowering submissive type position isolated on a white background.

Pink Bergenia Flower (Turtle Flower)

Pink Bergenia Flower (Turtle Flower)
This macro shot of a pink bergenia flower (scientific name is Bergenia cordifolia), common names include Turtle flower and Elephant flower is a gorgeous garden perennial.  Background intentionally blurred for artistic affect.

Cute Toddler Girl Outside in Autumn

This cute toddler girl is playing outside in the autumn near a lake with a burgundy umbrella and holding her stuffed animal toy.  She's bundled in a white coat, boots and furry scarf.  Background is intentionally blurred to emphasis subject for artistic effect.  Model release available if needed.

Monday, February 21, 2011

People Watching Sunset at Overlook

People and a small dog are watching this stunning sunset from a mountain overlook with trees silhouetted as are the people.

Macro of Easter Candy in a Dish

This photo is a macro shot of pastel colored Easter candy in a crystal dish on a light background.

Green Medical Oxygen Tank

This photo is a medical green oxygen tank with a yellow sticker, with the background medical setting blurred for affect.

Cute Little Girl With Tea Set

This cute little 2 year old Caucasian girl is playiing with her new glass tea set on a coffee table at home.  Background is intentionally blurred for artistic effect.  Model release available if needed

Friday, February 18, 2011

Word Shopping in Series

The word shopping is part of this series for eCommerce on black and white round lettering beads on a black and red leather textured surface.  Great for backgrounds, buttons, symbols and more.

Canoe Outrigger with Water Swirl Texture

This is a canoe shot full of movement and motion as water swirls from an orange paddle while moving next to a red and white outrigger stablizer.  Forest in the background is reflected in the still water, taken at Lake Padden, Washington.

Closeup of Orange Dahlia Flower

This photo shows a closeup of a large orange colored dahlia flower in it's garden setting.

Cute Toddler Near Grownup

This side profile shows an active cute toddler next to a grown up.  She's got blond hair and blue eyes and enjoying an outdoor time, wearing a green striped shirt.  Model release available if needed.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Words Pay Now Series

The words pay now is part of this eCommerce series on black and white round lettering beads on a black and red leather textured surface.  Great for backgrounds, buttons, symbols and more.

Washington State Capital Building in Olympia

This photo is Washington state capital building in Olympia with a bronze statue in the shot on a winter day.

Cute Toddler Girl Applying Fake Lipstick

This cute two year old Caucasian girl is applying fake lipstick in this photo.  She is in her home setting and pretending to play grown up.  Model release available if needed.

Little Toddler Girl Picking Yellow Raspberries

This little toddler girl is wearing a white dress and laughing while picking fresh yellow raspberries off the vine for a healthy, fresh organic snack.  Model release available if needed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gold Flakes in Gold Bracelet Jewelry

This closeup is a gold bracelet with gold flakes embedded on a black background with reflection of the jewelry.  Back of bracelet is blurred for artistic effect.  Property release available if needed.

Young Mother Helping Birthday Toddler Girl

This young mother is helping her cute 2 year old Caucasian toddler daughter open her birthday presents.  Background intentionally blurred for artistic effect.  Model releases available if needed.

Candle Maker Work Bench

This photo shows a candle maker's work bench with liquid wax in various jars and pins holding the wicks in place, many wax drips are on the tablecloth.  Candlemaking is a popular hobby among many people.

Toddler Girl in Dress Playing on Truck Machine Toy

This pretty Caucasian toddler girl in a white dress is playing outside on a toy dirt moving tractor for a photo full of opposites. Girl is 18 months old with blond hair.  Model release available if needed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Woman Skipping Rocks in Lake

This middle aged woman is wading in a lake and skipping rocks in a candid, carefree moment. Shot at Twin Lakes near Twisp, Washington.  Model release available if needed.

Toddler Girl Feeling Christmas Ball

This cute 2 year old Caucasian girl wearing a bright red bow in her blond pigtails is feeling a Christmas ball ornament by rubbing it on her cheek in a family Christmas moment.  Model release available if needed.

Muddy Rushing River Closeup Over Rocks

This nature shot shows muddy rushing river going over multi colored rocks on a beach closeup.

Man's Gold Flaked Wedding Ring

This macro shot is a man's gold wedding ring with crushed gold flakes on a light background.  Ring is positioned in an upward position.  Property release available if needed

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunset Off Mt Erie, Washington

This is a landscape stock image sunset photo taken off the top of Mt Erie Washington, in Skagit County that is stunning and shows some hazy clouds settling at the tops of the mountains and valley below. 

Mountain Range in Christmas Lights

This stunning photos shows over 50,000 Christmas lights against a black night sky in a pattern of a mountain range, for a truly unique holiday lights setting.  Rather cool effect of the forested trees behind the lights.

Macro of Green Lichen on Cut Alder Tree

This is a macro photo of green lichen moss on a cut piece of alder wood tree.  Intentionally blurred on sides to draw attention to the lichen.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Man's Gold Picture Agate Ring

This man's gold ring has a picture agate in green and brown tones with a gold dot to the side isolated on a light background with some sutle reflection to the photo.  Property release available if needed

Travel - Lake Grandy, WA on a Icy Winter Dawn

This photo is a landscape of Lake Grandy Washington in Skagit County on a icy winter's dawn.  Mountian and forest in the background, beautiful sunrise is reflected off the ice.

Middle Aged Woman Laughing in Winter Scene

This middle aged woman is laughing in a candid, genuine look wearing a winter background and bundled with with a white coat and soft mittens for a classic happy winter holiday scene.  Model release available if needed.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Large Amethyst Necklace on Mannequin

This beautiful large amethyst necklace is on a white mannequin with variagated gray background.  This expensive jewelry is exquisite.

Farmland Landscape

This farmland landscape shows some equipment to the side of a green field with mountains in the background with snow on the tops and fall foliage in the hillside. Beautiful sky as sunset is coming.  Taken in Burlington Washington.

Aerial View of Lake Campbell, Washington At Sunset

This aerial shot is of Lake Campbell Washington, unique in that it's an island within an island (Whidbey), taken at sunset. Also overlooking Whidbey Island and many San Juan islands.

Kayaking in Cold Weather

This person is kayaking in cold weather on Lake Padden, WA wearing a hat and life vest.  Water splashes and the outrigger add interest as does the mountains reflected in the cold water. Taken at Lake Padden, Washington.